Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Our Jogscotland Leaders

Without the help of all our jogscotland leaders it would be impossible to do what we do. Most of our leaders only started jogging seriously (if thats what you call it, as we never take ourselves serious!!) when they joined Peterhead Jogscotland. Best of all we are now all friends, which is a real bonus of Peterhead Jogscotland, i hope you will make lots of friends through Peterhead Jogscotland as many of our group have already done.
In the last month Leigh and Hazel have both trained as leaders, we really appreciate them giving up their Saturday to go all the way to Stonehaven to complete the days training course which was organised by The Scottish Athletics Association. This Saturday Stephen Campbell and Stuart Chalmers are going up to Inverness to complete the course there , again we really appreciate them giving up their Saturday, and i know they will both be a great asset to us in the future, as have Hazel and Leigh.
Leigh sent me this email after she completed the course which she wanted me put on the blog!!
If you ever get the chance to go on one of the jogscotland leaders courses, definitely do it!!! I must admit I was a wee bit apprehensive, its been a long time since my brain's done anything like that!! It was a couple from jogscotland Stonehaven who took the class, they were really fine, reminded me of Stephen and Roselyn!!Most of the course is in the classroom but its all stuff that's interesting, not just listening to someone rattle off facts and figures!!! I think the most important thing to stick in my mind is that you don't have to be a good runner to make a good leader!!!
Thanks Leigh for your email. In the coming months as our group grows and develops we will be looking for more leaders, as Leigh stated " You dont have to be a good runner to be a good leader".