Sunday, 31 August 2008

Peterhead Jogscotland Picnic 08

Apologies to CATHERINE for not putting these wonderful photos on sooner (i am not to blame if you feel that your Human Rights have been breached, as i didnt take them, but i must say you all look ridiculous!!).
Who was the picnic for anyway?? I thought it was for kids, but looking all these photos i am not so sure!!! Seriously thanks for all being so good supports, and well done to the Ladies one won the rounders, men you really did let the side down!! Heres to next year, wonder if i could get even more crazy hats......... . Simply click on the link-

Peterhead 10K

Well done Steven Campbell, Stuart Main, Yvonne Singh, Joe Murray, Leigh Forman, June Dickie, Stewart Wood and Yours Truly who completed the Peterhead 10K today, a special word for Stuart M and Yvonne who both recently under went operations and still managed to complete it in very good times. WELL DONE TO YOU BOTH YOUR AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL.
Sorry the photographs are not as good as usually, there was a setting in our camera wrong!!! DAH!!! To see the photographs simply click on this link

Friday, 29 August 2008

Charity Weigh In

Being a former fisherman i'am on a seafood diet, i see food and i eat it!!! Just joking!!!!!
But its terrific that 28 of us (including yours truly) have taken up the charity challenge to loss a bit of weight. I was really getting on well this week (yes its confession time) until i went over to the canteen at work this morning, and ended up for "some reason" having a sausage sandwich!!! (Hope Ros doesnt read this!!!). However overall i have been doing quite well, and i feel that over a period of time if i stick to eating healthy (minus the sausage sandwich) and cutting out the junk (i love a sweetie!!!) and jogging a few times a week i will lose the extra pounds. I would like to get down to just around 12 stone when i weigh in again in December.
Since we started our group a number of people have lost weight. Yvonne and Stuart have lost an incredible 8 stones between them. I must emphasis they havent lost there weight just through jogging alone, but through a combination of healthy eating, cutting down, and getting more active!!!! However we are very proud of the fact(and of them offcourse) that they felt more motivated and encouraged to lose weight after joining Peterhead Jogscotland, and we hope you will be too!!! Yvonne won our first ever acheiver of the year award at our first AGM in May, and you can read about it if you look on the May blog. Also Stuart has become a bit of a celebrity and featured on the Jogscotland website in June ( have a look at our blog in June), and recently was in the Scottish Slimmers Magazine the BOOST.
By the way they are both jogging the Peterhead 10k on Sunday (leaves from across the bypass beside the Dales Pavilion), why not come along and support them, it starts at 1pm and they will take around about about an 1hr to 1hr 20 mins. This is really fanastic given they only started with us last year. Stuart and Yvonne are a real encouragement to us all rarely missing a session, if you have any questions you would like ask them, i know they would only be to willing answer them.
Finally they say that confessions are good for the soul!! Next week i am determined to avoid the temptation of an Saus...Sandw...again. This is Stephen Bruce reporting from Peterhead Jogscotland Blog over and out!!

Welcome to your blog!!

Welcome to your blog it was fanastic to see so much beginners coming this week, and joining Peterhead Jogscotland. We now have believe it or not 130 members of Peterhead Jogscotland and we are growing all the time!! Leigh Forman and Hazel Lillie are both down at Stonehaven training as Jogscotland leaders tomorrow, and Steven Campbell and Stewart Chalmers are going to Inverness in September. Its fanastic to think that we only started last February and we have 14 leaders trained, without all their help and dedication it wouldnt be possible to do what we do.
Remember if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions dont hesitate to get in touch, we want everyone to feel part of our group, as we wouldnt have Peterhead Jogscotland without you!!
If you have any family or friends who would like to join us, they will still be made very welcome. However i would suggest the sooner they join the better for themselves! What we have found after about a month when we get onto the continous jogging it can more difficult to catch up, with those who been from the beginning of the 15 weeks, especially if they haven't jogged before or for a longtime!!
Our Motto at Peterhead Jogscotland is-
Fun - We hope you will have a fun time at Peterhead Jogscotland Fitness- We hope you will see an improvement in your fitness at Peterhead Jogscotland Fit Like- Fit like are you?? Jist a bit of fun, but hopefully after a while at Peterhead Jogscotland you will be able say GREAT!!! Friendship- We hope you will make new friendships at Peterhead Jogscotland

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Beginners On Monday Night

Just a reminder we start the new beginners group on Monday at 6.30pm. Please tell all your friends about it, and remember we are very keen to encourage families to come along.
Remember we were all beginners at one time, i never started jogging till i stopped the sea in 1998. Its amazing to see how many of our group have improved their fitness, and as a result their health/lifestyles since we started in February last year.
Heres hoping we have many more people next week who take the step to a healthier lifestyle whilst having fun at the same time.
If any of your friends require further information give me an email at or call on 477148
regards Stephen

Friday, 15 August 2008

Well Done To Edna & Michelle

Well done to Edna and Michelle for walking the 95 miles (yes 95 miles!!!) of the West Highland Way in aid of a school in India. As soon as they know the amount of money they have raised they will let us know!!
Thanks to Edna for sending me this really good write up today, about their experiences along the way!!
We had a great but challenging time over our 6 days with lots of new experiences.Starting off with, as the taxi driver called it, a 12 mile walk in the park in lovely weather, cloudy but perfect for walking. Next day after B&B, a 14 mile day, bucketing rain,mixed terraine, learning that you can't always go round the puddles because parts was more a like a river. Youth hosteling and bunk beds being another new experience for us older two.Day 3 experienced the midgies for the 1st time and 'the hard slog day' again 14 miles,first half being walking on a track and hilly but not too bad going, afternoon saw the rough clabbering over rocks and trees followed by arrival at the highlight accomodation (joke), the wigwams, they were awful. Next day, an early start 7.30 off for our 20 mile day, mixed hilly footpaths and tracks taking us through Tintrum and on the Bridge of Orchy. Day 5 another 20 miles with steep hills including the devils staircase where i needed my extra glucose gel for energy to get to the top through battling the midgies which were at their worst here, having found out in previous days that i was allergic to the avon stuff that is raged about for being fantastic for midgies. Bruce told me the morning we were at the wigwams I could have carried my shopping home from Morrisons in the bags below my eyes they were so swollen!!!! However we reached the top and on down hill (steep) into Kinlochleven to our next hostel. Day 6 our final 15 miles, a steep climb in the early morning but a beautiful view looking back, was mixed weatherwise as were to bed ready for returning to Glasgow on Monday. the others, but it was an pleasant walk through Lairigmor towards Ben Nevis and down through the Glen arriving at Fort William at 2 pm to stay our final evening at the bunk house there. We even managed to attend church that evening and none of us fell asleep, then out for celebration meal and then off to bed ready for returning to Glasgow on Monday.
I know you will enjoy the photographs they have kindly sent me, simply click on this link

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

BRG Challenge

Despite the weather conditions being far to warm (25 C), six of us completed the 17.5 mls challenge to Gamrie from Fraserburgh (via Rosehearty). Well done to Steven, Stuart, Leigh, Fred, Lee and yours truly.
NEVER AGAIN!! (well maybe next year!!)
I see the date for next years event has been already set on the their website 27th June 2009, and they have some photographs available at
If you want to see our photographs simply click on this link

Friday, 8 August 2008

Catherine at the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Last Month i started a competition to see who could get their photograph taken in the most spectaular place with their Peterhead Jogscotland T-Shirt on. This one of Catherine and Peter on the sky walk which "overhangs" the Grand Canyon is fanastic, but can it be beaten?
To learn more about the amazing skywalk, simply go to the offical website
or to see more views of the skywalk on you tube, simply click on this link
Well done Catherine, thanks for sharing the photograph with all of us. By the way i just luv the footwear!!