Friday, 29 August 2008

Welcome to your blog!!

Welcome to your blog it was fanastic to see so much beginners coming this week, and joining Peterhead Jogscotland. We now have believe it or not 130 members of Peterhead Jogscotland and we are growing all the time!! Leigh Forman and Hazel Lillie are both down at Stonehaven training as Jogscotland leaders tomorrow, and Steven Campbell and Stewart Chalmers are going to Inverness in September. Its fanastic to think that we only started last February and we have 14 leaders trained, without all their help and dedication it wouldnt be possible to do what we do.
Remember if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions dont hesitate to get in touch, we want everyone to feel part of our group, as we wouldnt have Peterhead Jogscotland without you!!
If you have any family or friends who would like to join us, they will still be made very welcome. However i would suggest the sooner they join the better for themselves! What we have found after about a month when we get onto the continous jogging it can more difficult to catch up, with those who been from the beginning of the 15 weeks, especially if they haven't jogged before or for a longtime!!
Our Motto at Peterhead Jogscotland is-
Fun - We hope you will have a fun time at Peterhead Jogscotland Fitness- We hope you will see an improvement in your fitness at Peterhead Jogscotland Fit Like- Fit like are you?? Jist a bit of fun, but hopefully after a while at Peterhead Jogscotland you will be able say GREAT!!! Friendship- We hope you will make new friendships at Peterhead Jogscotland