Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Leah Royal Wedding Fun & The Big 50 Challenge

Thanks to every one who helped in our efforts to raise money for the Leah Ligertwood Appeal with your help we raised the terrific sum of £2525 which was just fantastc. Leah was along last week to get her photograph taken with our big cheque. Thanks for all your support to raising funds for this wonderful little girl.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Invitation to the Opening of the Scottish Parliament

Every heard of the Riding of the New Parliament?? To be honest either had i, but on Friday 1st July Roselyn and I have been invited down to the Opening of the Scottish Parliament and to take part in the Riding (a procession down the Royal Mile to Hollyrood. In our invite it states " Stewart Stevenson (our local MP) has been impressed by what you’ve done in Peterhead for the local community and hopes you will agree to take part in the riding, representing JogScotland, Peterhead and Buchan". Roselyn and I really honoured and looking forward to representing Jogscotland at this wonderful occasion. However i must emphasis we are only a small part of a great team who makes it all possible. Thanks to everyone of you for your support we love being part of Peterhead Jogscotland, and the wonderful friends we have made through it. Click here for a list of groups which took part in 2007 i am sure you will be impressed, and it makes us even more excited about going. Hope i can take my camera ha ha

Baker Hughes 10km

I was really proud of our club at the Baker Hughes 10km in Aberdeen last Sunday. When i counted up we had over 70 members taking part which was just fantastic. A special word about our elder statesman Sandy Hastie who now is the big 60!!(Sandy please forgive me for mentioning your age!!) Sandy completed the 10km in 41 mins 25 secs. and finished in 161 place, out nearly 4000 runners. Sandy has now signed up for London Marathon next year along with his daughter Angela. Sandy we are really proud of you at Peterhead Jogscotland, you are a real inspiration to us all!! To see all results of Baker Hughes 10km simply click here To see all photographs simply click here