Saturday, 27 September 2008

Charity Weight Loss Challenge

Well thats over 5 weeks since we started our Charity Weight Loss Challenge and the results so far have been great. Our group has lost 5stone 5Ibs in total since started which is fanastic, one gentleman who shall remain nameless at this time has lost just over 8Ibs, and lady has lost over 6Ibs which is amazing in only 5 weeks. Remember we not dieting we are trying to eat more healthy and get more active, and to date it seem to be working well. I have lost about 5Ibs so i am really pleased, and i have managed to overcome the temptation of the dreaded sausage sandwich for our works canteen for a few weeks now which i am really proud about!!! How are you getting on why not email me and let me know, or have you any healthy eating recipes you would like to share with us??
Remember if you have any stories you would like to share, simply email me and i will put them on the blog.

Health Fair/ Run 4 IT Party

I hope you enjoyed Wednesday night, i would especially like to thanks Steve & Kerri from Run 4 IT, Ingrid from Nhs Grampian for coming all the way to Peterhead, and providing us with so much useful information.
I hope you found it useful too!! Ingrid was really impressed how interested everyone was in the healthy eating and she really enjoyed her time in Peterhead. We hope to have her back in Peterhead in the near future to give us more tips on healthy eating.
To see the photographs click here

Diane and Katrina Take London By Storm

Last weekend Diane and Katrina went down to London for the weekend, and need i say they took part in the competition to see who can get their photograph take in the strangest place with their Peterhead Jogscotland T Shirt on, the results were hilarious!!!!. Why they didnt land up in Scotland Yard i dont know!!. Joking aside they were great sports, but can their photographs be beaten. By the way if you havent got a Peterhead Jogscotland T Shirt we have ordered another 50 cost is only £10 each To see Diane's and Katrina's photographs simply click on this link

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Jogging Tomorrow (Saturday!!) 27th Sept

Just a very quick note to say that we are jogging tomorrow morning at 10 am from Catto Park, we were going to use the running track, however the fitba pitch in the middle is being used by the schools football so we will probably just do some of our usual routes. Both beginners and intermediates are welcome to come along, beginners will be doing the same as we did on Monday but a different route. Brillant night on Wednesday i hope to get the photographs on tonight!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Health Fair/ Run 4 It Party - Wednesday Night

I hope you will manage along to our first Health Fair/ Run 4 IT Party on Wednesday night from 7pm to approximately 9pm. There will be lots to see and do!! Run 4 IT will be selling all there running gear at a discounted rate (cash, cards and cheques will be accepted). Steve Barret the Store Manager in Aberdeen an experienced runner who recent completed the Peterhead Triathlon will be there with his team to give you advice on the best type of footwear/clothing that will suit you , and you will even get a chance to try out the footwear on a running machine if you wish. Kerri a Physio who is also employed by Run 4 iT will be in hand to give any advice on any aches and pains you might pick up whilst jogging. Ingrid Penny a Health Information Assistant with NHS Grampian will also be along to give you/ me advice on Health Eating. We are also hoping to have a Health Eating Bar, where can try out several types of smoothies, fruit kebabs etc. Dont forgot take your free prize draw vouchers along on the night (and again we will be giving them out on Monday night ). We are hoping to have some good prizes on the night!! The Health Fair/ Run 4 IT party is taking place in Living Waters Community Church Windmill Street Peterhead. Directions are as follows- pass the Balmoor Stadium turn off (were we meet ever week), head towards the town centre- take the second turning on your left onto Victoria Road, then take the first turning on you right into Windmill Street, Living Waters Community Church is just on the left 50 metres down the street. Please be considerate to local residents and park on the same side as Living Waters Church or slight further down the road on the right hand side clear of the houses.
Please feel free to take any friends along with you on the night, especially if they are interested in joining our group.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Fred On Thursday!!!! Cancelled This Week!!

Available for a jog on Thursday lunchtime, then why not join Fred on Thursday at 12 noon. Fred will be going for a jog from the ASCO Security Gate along the front of the Lido to the Kirkburn mill and back. This will take about 30 minutes.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Birthday Robert

It was Roberts birthday yesterday, i am sure all at Peterhead Jogscotland would like to wish him
happy birthday.
Dont tell him, but we may have a surprise for him on Monday night. In the meantime if you see him wish him many happy returns!!!

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Fred told to me about this website ages ago and i forgot to put it on, its fanastic for runners/joggers. You can keep a record of all your runs on it and has so much information Fetcheveryone is a fast developing site for runners, catering for over 17000 registered users. It provides COMPLETELY FREE facilities for runners to keep a record of their running activities, and the opportunity to read about the activities of their fellow runners. There goal is to continue to develop the site to meet the needs of our growing community, and to keep these facilities free for runners. As a user, the best place to begin is to build a portfolio of your past and future races. The site automatically calculates your personal best times over a variety of "standard" distances from 5k to marathon. If you don't compete in races, you can also use our site to track your training. You can either enter your times and distances as you run them with our training log, or you can plan weeks in advance with the training planner. You're not restricted to running either - the site also captures basic information about a variety of cross-training types. When you need inspiration, have a flick through the community training diary. You can track the mileage on your trainers, so you can work out when it's time to replace them. With our knowledge base, they provide an arena for you to discuss your running issues with your fellow runners. To register simply go to

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Our Jogscotland Leaders

Without the help of all our jogscotland leaders it would be impossible to do what we do. Most of our leaders only started jogging seriously (if thats what you call it, as we never take ourselves serious!!) when they joined Peterhead Jogscotland. Best of all we are now all friends, which is a real bonus of Peterhead Jogscotland, i hope you will make lots of friends through Peterhead Jogscotland as many of our group have already done.
In the last month Leigh and Hazel have both trained as leaders, we really appreciate them giving up their Saturday to go all the way to Stonehaven to complete the days training course which was organised by The Scottish Athletics Association. This Saturday Stephen Campbell and Stuart Chalmers are going up to Inverness to complete the course there , again we really appreciate them giving up their Saturday, and i know they will both be a great asset to us in the future, as have Hazel and Leigh.
Leigh sent me this email after she completed the course which she wanted me put on the blog!!
If you ever get the chance to go on one of the jogscotland leaders courses, definitely do it!!! I must admit I was a wee bit apprehensive, its been a long time since my brain's done anything like that!! It was a couple from jogscotland Stonehaven who took the class, they were really fine, reminded me of Stephen and Roselyn!!Most of the course is in the classroom but its all stuff that's interesting, not just listening to someone rattle off facts and figures!!! I think the most important thing to stick in my mind is that you don't have to be a good runner to make a good leader!!!
Thanks Leigh for your email. In the coming months as our group grows and develops we will be looking for more leaders, as Leigh stated " You dont have to be a good runner to be a good leader".

Sunday, 7 September 2008


You will be asking what RTN@PJ means??? Will it means Running Track Night At Peterhead Jogscotland.
We are very fortunate to have a running track in Peterhead, and its a pity thats its not used more!! On Friday night this week we plan to change all that!! So if you are available between 6.30 -7.30 come down (even with the kids) and let get active on the running track.
We will have 3 different groups to suit all levels of fitness and ability
  1. Doing a 5k -13 laps of 1 min slow, faster, quick pace
  2. Doing a 5k - normal pace
  3. Doing a 2.5k or 6 laps of track -basic same as beginners group 5 minutes walk, 2minutes jogging/ 2minutes walking for 14 minutes and then 5minutes walking.

Please join us on this free night you will enjoy it, i promise!!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Health Fair

Just to confirm we are having our Health Fair at Living Waters Community Church Windmill Street on Wednesday 24th September at 7-9pm. Run4it will be exhibiting and selling a wide range of running shoes and clothing with a special discount of 15% on the night. There will also be some spot prizes for those attending on the night, and the Run4it team will also be giving useful tips on the best type of footwear and running gear.
We will also have a presentation from a Health Information Officer from Health Point (NHS) in Aberdeen, giving you (and me information) on health eating etc.
Please come along and join in the fun, and take a friend if you wish. We also hope to have some "health eats" and drinks on the night.