Thursday, 11 September 2008


Fred told to me about this website ages ago and i forgot to put it on, its fanastic for runners/joggers. You can keep a record of all your runs on it and has so much information Fetcheveryone is a fast developing site for runners, catering for over 17000 registered users. It provides COMPLETELY FREE facilities for runners to keep a record of their running activities, and the opportunity to read about the activities of their fellow runners. There goal is to continue to develop the site to meet the needs of our growing community, and to keep these facilities free for runners. As a user, the best place to begin is to build a portfolio of your past and future races. The site automatically calculates your personal best times over a variety of "standard" distances from 5k to marathon. If you don't compete in races, you can also use our site to track your training. You can either enter your times and distances as you run them with our training log, or you can plan weeks in advance with the training planner. You're not restricted to running either - the site also captures basic information about a variety of cross-training types. When you need inspiration, have a flick through the community training diary. You can track the mileage on your trainers, so you can work out when it's time to replace them. With our knowledge base, they provide an arena for you to discuss your running issues with your fellow runners. To register simply go to