Friday, 29 August 2008

Charity Weigh In

Being a former fisherman i'am on a seafood diet, i see food and i eat it!!! Just joking!!!!!
But its terrific that 28 of us (including yours truly) have taken up the charity challenge to loss a bit of weight. I was really getting on well this week (yes its confession time) until i went over to the canteen at work this morning, and ended up for "some reason" having a sausage sandwich!!! (Hope Ros doesnt read this!!!). However overall i have been doing quite well, and i feel that over a period of time if i stick to eating healthy (minus the sausage sandwich) and cutting out the junk (i love a sweetie!!!) and jogging a few times a week i will lose the extra pounds. I would like to get down to just around 12 stone when i weigh in again in December.
Since we started our group a number of people have lost weight. Yvonne and Stuart have lost an incredible 8 stones between them. I must emphasis they havent lost there weight just through jogging alone, but through a combination of healthy eating, cutting down, and getting more active!!!! However we are very proud of the fact(and of them offcourse) that they felt more motivated and encouraged to lose weight after joining Peterhead Jogscotland, and we hope you will be too!!! Yvonne won our first ever acheiver of the year award at our first AGM in May, and you can read about it if you look on the May blog. Also Stuart has become a bit of a celebrity and featured on the Jogscotland website in June ( have a look at our blog in June), and recently was in the Scottish Slimmers Magazine the BOOST.
By the way they are both jogging the Peterhead 10k on Sunday (leaves from across the bypass beside the Dales Pavilion), why not come along and support them, it starts at 1pm and they will take around about about an 1hr to 1hr 20 mins. This is really fanastic given they only started with us last year. Stuart and Yvonne are a real encouragement to us all rarely missing a session, if you have any questions you would like ask them, i know they would only be to willing answer them.
Finally they say that confessions are good for the soul!! Next week i am determined to avoid the temptation of an Saus...Sandw...again. This is Stephen Bruce reporting from Peterhead Jogscotland Blog over and out!!