Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Tale of the Lost Gold Fish

I know some of have heard this story before about my GOLD FISH, but just in case i thought i put in the blog!!! This is just how it appeared in the jogscotland website!!

Around my neck I wear a fish on a chain; I got it from my Roselyn over 20 years ago for my Christmas. It was quite expensive then and is 24 carat gold. Being a fisherman I really liked it, and now I am "retired" from the fishing it has a lot of sentimental value. When we were running around the town yesterday, at about 4 miles I felt it drop to ground so I picked it up, put it in my pocket, zipped it up and carried on running thinking nothing more about it.
When I got home I went to take it out of my pocket, although the chain was there, there was no fish!! As you can appreciate panic started to set in, soon I found a hole in my pocket and realised to my horror the fish had fell out my pocket whilst jogging. As a result i decided to trace my route around the town walking off course as their was no way you would find it if you was jogging, well I would say it is worse than looking for a needle in haystack! I never realised there was so much gold out there! Ciggy Packets that is!
After an hour I got home and with no sign of it I decided to inform the Police in case some happened to hand it in. So I went in the Police station in Peterhead, and the Sergeant asked me if he could help. This is the funny bit; you have my permission to laugh! I immediately answered "I have lost a GOLD FISH” well he looked at me like a real idiot! Anyway, after a few minutes I was able to explain it was a real gold fish but nae the kind he was thinking! I bet he is still laughing about it now!
Well the good news is the Gold Fish turned up, I retraced my route for a third time, and found it lying on the ground not far from where it originally dropped to ground, and yes I did inform the Sergeant that my GOLD FISH had turned up, and of course he was delighted.
Lessons Learned:
Never wear expensive jewellery whilst out jogging
Never go to the Police Station reporting a lost GOLD FISH or you have every chance of being locked up straight away