Saturday, 6 March 2010

Health Fair - Wednesday 3rd March

Cameron Birnie one of our youngest, and enthusiastic members presents Bill with his Peterhead Jogscotland Honorary Membership. What a great night we had at our 4th Health Fair, the highlight of the night was when we had the honour of making Bill Bradford our first Honorary Member. Bill has been a real inspiration to me and many our of town. Remarkably Bill is 80 years old but thinks nothing about going for a jog or a game a golf, and though he's 80 years young he would still put many of us to shame with his enthusiasm, and get up and go. Often people say i am to old to take up jogging, and often they are just in their 30s/ 40s or 50s. We say you're never to old to give it ago. With our jogscotland beginners walk/jog programme smalls step at a time, can lead to big strides/improvements in your health and fitness in the future by getting more active, as many of our group has proved. At Peterhead Jogscotland and Jogscotland's through the country we wont be asking you to do more than you are capable off. The next time someone tells you i am to old to jog tell them about Bill our/Peterhead Jogscotland's Honorary Member!!! At our Health Fair at Living Water Church Peterhead as well as making Bill our first Honorary Member we had -Gait Analysis courtesy of RUN4IT, Massages, Reflexology, Sport Bra Fitting, Health Eating Advice, Sport Injury Prevention Advice and a Free Prize Draw for all attending, well done Joanna Sellen who won the Garmin 205 watch. Thanks to Alexander for the wonderful photographs to see them all simply click here