Saturday, 23 January 2010

Record Breakers

What a great photograph of Ali, Jenny and Caitlin which appeared in the Press and Journal on Thursday!! Little did we think we when were planning for Monday night that we would set a Scottish Record for the amount of people along to Jogscotland on one night 276 people. Sometimes it really frustrates me the amount of gloom and doom there is written about the Bluetoon, after all its nae that bad a place!! So its great to see the toon making the headlines for the right reason!! When we started Peterhead Jogscotland nearly 3 years ago Roselyn and i sole aim was to get more people in Peterhead more active whilst having fun at the sametime. Even though our/your club has developed amazingly since then, that will always be our aim. Fun, Fitness and Friendship is what we are all about!! We couldnt do that without the help of all our brillant 20 leaders. If your new to the club this week the smart orange Saucony Jackets that we wear were given to us by our main sponsor RUN4IT in Aberdeen. Each leader has completed the Jogscotland approved course, and are here to help you achieve your goal what ever that may be. Unbelievably we have 5 of our group doing the London Marathon this year which is just fantastic, but we take as much satisfaction from the beginners who have just completed his/her first 3 or 5k, we still think its a fanstatic achievement and gives us great satisfaction. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, however trivial you may think they are. If we dont know the answer Alistair Currie Jogscotland Manager, and his wonderful team in Edinburgh are always willing to help and support us. For more information on the national network Jogscotland simply click here, for more information on Run4it have a shop in Holburn Street Aberdeen, and offer all jogscotland members a 10% discount on running gear simply click Run4it will be in Peterhead on Wednesday 3rd March at our special Health Fair evening we are organising, and there will be special discounts on that night, more information will follow in the coming weeks but it promises to be a great night again. See you all on Monday night.