Thursday, 8 October 2009

Half Marathon Friday night (week 6) 16km

The Route for Friday night 6pm/ Saturday morning 9am is as follows

Balmoor Terrace- George Garden Ave- Blackhouse Terrace- Ugie Road- Ugie Street-Port Hendry rd- Around Harbour – Past Fresh Catch- Kirk Street- South Road- Dales Road- Meethill Road- West Road- Crossfolds Crescent- Catto Drive (pass Steak House)- Windmill Road (past lidis) – Meethill Road- Dales Road- South Road- Kirk Street – Around Harbour- Port Hendry Road-Ugie Street- Ugie Road- Blackhouse Terrace- George garden avenue – Balmoor Terrace- One circuit of track to finish

**Any one who wants just to do 8km will stop at Crossfolds Crescent/ Catto Drive and go back to the track