Sunday, 10 May 2009

This Weeks Schedule and more (11th May

Jogscotland Leaders Thanks to Fraser Bowie and Stewart Strachan who gave up their precious free time on Saturday and went all the way to Aviemore to train as jogscotland leaders, i know they will both be a great asset to our team of jogscotland leaders. Nights Oot at the Palace Hotel We had a fantastic night on Friday night at the Palace Hotel , photographs will appear in the near future- and no i dont accept blackmail money ha ha!! AGM and Donation Station We arent jogging on Wednesday night as we have our AGM at Living Waters Church, please come along it wont last long i promise, and have teas and coffee a Simpsons pieces for afterwards. On the night we will be presenting our annual Achievers Award, and we have some exciting news about the future of the club!! Also on the night we will collecting our Donation Station Bags in Aid of our Relay for Life Appeal in aid Cancer Research, if you cant manage on Wednesday please bring along tomorrow night. Make A Wish Again i can only repeat what we have said time and time again, thanks to everyone who have made a donation to our Make A Wish Appeal what the total will we just dont know, however it will over £12,000. Roselyn and i never ever imagined we raise so much money for Make A Wish. Thanks to everyones generous donation many more kids in our area with life threatening illness will see there dreams granted!! Thank you all again, you made our London Marathon even more memorable!! Week 4 Schedule Monday Beginners Stuart, Stephen B, Roselyn, Elaine W, Nicola 5 min brisk walk- 4 mins Continuous jogging – 1 min walk 1 min jog rest of walk (2k distance) Catto Drive- Hay Crescent- Ugie Road- Blackhouse Terr- George Garden Avenue- Back past Staduim Intermediate Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn, Stewart St 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging -3.5km Balmoor Terrace- Blackhouse Terrace- Golf Road- Ugie Path- Riverview Drive Up Lover Walk path to byepass - inside Road at byepass- Down line - Crossfolds crescent - Catto Drive- Track Advanced Katrina, Diane, Stewart, Stephen C, 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging-6.5km Balmoor Terrace- George Garden- Ugie Road - Ugie Street Port Hendry Road- Around Harbour all the way- Past Fresh Catch -Kirk Street- South Road- Forman Drive- Cross Clerkhill Road- Forman Drive Cairntrodle- Eden Drive- West Road- Crossfolds - Catto Drive- Lap of Track Track Mondays Leigh, Fraser Wednesday AGM - Living Water Church 6.30 for 7pm Remember Donation Station Bags