Thursday, 23 April 2009

Routes and Thanks

Dear All Before i give the routes for next week just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported us with our Marathon training and with donations for Make A Wish. Roselyn and i have been really touched with the level of support we have received all along the way. Our total is nearing the £9000 mark thanks to everyone of you!! Many children from our area with life threatening illness will benefit because of your generosity. Also our big nicht oot is on the Friday 8th May at the Palace Hotel. Diane and Katrina are now taking the money in, tickets cost £15 which includes a sit down meal and disco and we still have some spaces available Routes for next week are as follows. Monday Beginners Stuart, Elaine W, Stewart, Stewart St 5 min brisk walk- 12 mins 1min walk – 1 min jog walk rest of way-(2K distance) Balmoor Terrace- Windmill Road (past Lidis) West Road- Glendale Road- Crossfold Cres- Back to track Intermediate Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging -3.0km Catto Drive - Crossfolds, up the line- Off a Inverugie Court- Down the brae- Collieburn Park- In the Path past Gillanders- Balmoor Terrace Past Fitba Stadium Advanced Katrina, Diane, Stephen C, Fraser 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging- 6.0km Down Balmoor Terrace-Queen Street- Chapel Street- Broad Street- Along harbour (past mission Up past Fresh Catch- Kirk Street- West Road- Windmill Road - Balmoor Terrace Past Staduim. Track Mondays Leigh and Nicola Wednes Beginners Leigh, Stephen B, Katrina, Diane, Stewart, Stephen C 5 min brisk walk- 12 mins 1min walk – 1 min jog walk rest of way-(2K distance) Catto Drive - Crossfolds- West road- Windmill Road Past Lidis - Balmoor Terrace down past football stadium Intermediate Stuart, Roselyn, Elaine W, Nicola 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging -3.0km Up past fitba stadium- Balmoor Terrace- North Road- Past Gillander- onto path Collieburn park- Up the brae- Inverugie Court onto Line- Crossfolds- Catto Drive Advanced Stewart St, Fred, Hazel, Elaine L, Marilyn, 5 min brisk walk- Continuous jogging- 6.0km Balmoor Terrace- up past lidis Windmill Road- Down West Road-Kirk Street Down past Fresh Catch -around Harbour to Broad Street, Chapel Street- Queen St up Balmoor Brae - back past Stadium