Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Charity Weight Loss Challenge

Congratulations to Marshall Birnie who won our first ever Charity Weight Loss Challenge. Between Monday 25th August 08 and the Ist December 08 Marshall lost a magnificent 1 Stone 3Ibs. Marshall decided to donate his winnings (£150) to the wonderful charity Guide Dogs For the Blind. In total our group lost 9 Stone 5Ibs, which is fanastic!!!. However can we beat this total next time???
Yours truly lost 6Ibs which i am quite pleased about, however Mr Campbell managed to beat me a Ib or 2 which i not happy about!!! Only kidding well done to Stephen you have more will power than me.
Please tell your friend/family we will be starting our Second Charity Weight Loss Challenge on Monday 26th January. Remember we are not dieting we are simply eating Healthy and getting more active, and so far the results speak for themselves!!!!