Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Jogscotland Awards 2008

Well i quite cant believe we have been short listed in all three categories for the Jogscotland Awards 2008 down at the Marriot in Glasgow on the 22nd November. To make it even more special, the special guest on the night will be Paula Radcliffe fresh from her win in the New York Marathon.
Its hard to believe what we have achieved since we started Peterhead Jogscotland at the Community centre before we moved to Catto Park. On that very first night in February last year Yvonne came along with Joe and by her own omission struggled around the route, 18 months on by her own determination and will power (and the encouragement of all at Peterhead Jogscotland) she is now training for a half marathon. Yvonne and Stuart Main (who shows terrific spirit despite the injuries he suffers) both have been short listed for Jogscotland Acheiver of the year. When you think there is over 10, 000 members of Jogscotland this is a wonderful, wonderful achievement and should not be underestimated. Whatever the outcome on the night we are really proud of both Stuart and Yvonne and all the members of Peterhead Jogscotland.
We are also short listed for the Group of the Year, which is just wonderful and when think there are around 300 groups in Scotland its amazing!!
Thanks to everyone who voted for me to be Jog Leader of the Year. As i have said time and time again i love being part of Peterhead Jogscotland and all friends i have made through it. I could never do what i do without the help and support of other leaders, and the patience of my wife!!
91 people attended Peterhead Jogscotland this week with the leaders thats over a 100 people. I remember that very first night we started, one of the receptionists at the Community Centre said to me "You may get a turn out for a start but the people of Peterhead dont stick anything and your numbers will soon dwindle, how wrong she was!!!!
Next year we start a beginners course again on Monday 26th Jan why not encourage a friend or family member to come along and join us. You never know they might be our next Achiever of the Year!!!! and they may even end up at the Award Cermony in Glasgow next year, or the year after like Yvonne or Stuart!!