Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bennachie Madness

Good luck to Fred, Stephen C, Stewart S, Adam and yours truly. Believe it or not tomorrow afternoon we are taking part in the Bennachie Hill Race (or probably in my case the "Bennachie Crawl"). When Fred said to me early this year that his annual funding raising event this year in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation was to be the Bennachie Hill Race i immediately agreed to do it with him not thinking much about it!!! However today its a different story -looking outside, and after 4 weekends of hill training on Mormond hill (which is about half the height of Bennachie) i think we are MAD!!!! IF we survive full details will appear in the blog in due course. Well done to Fred The Make A Wish Foundation is a fanastic charity see each year he raises £100s for it!!! Why not show him your support by bring along another £ on Monday!! To see a few photographs of us training on Mormond Hill simply click on